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We are committed to be the most creative and innovative provider of cross-cultural and language training services for businesses within the Asia Pacific Region. We achieve this through the use of experienced Trainers with unique skills and expertise.

Our Executive Trainer, Dr Moni Storz, who has in-depth experience in the areas of Cross-cultural management and Inter-cultural communications and Diversity training is also a world leading expert on Accelerated Learning. She has helped numerous organisations bridged the cultural gap between Western and Eastern business cultures. She is also a successful author of many books such as ‘Dancing with Dragons: Chopsticks People revealed for Global Business’ and 'Mind Body Power: A Self Help book on Accelerated Learning.

Our Chinese Mandarin language learning programs are based on Accelerated Learning techniques.

Our Core Training Programs includes popular workshops such as:

Understanding the New Business Cultures of Asia
Presentation and Training Skills for Asia
Chinese Culture Orientation Program
Chinese Mandarin For Travellers and Business Executives


Come, browse through our site and consider experiencing us for a world of differences.


"A fantastic, enthusiastically presented course. I’ve learnt so much and I know this new knowledge will help me not only professionally but personally also."

Fiona Place, BP